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5 tips to smash your AM workout

morning routine

Starting the morning with a workout is one of our favourite ways to feel energized and ready for the day. You feel like you’ve already accomplished so much before your morning coffee. 

Here are our favourite tips to get you going in the morning.

1. Get your zzz’s

Get to bed a bit earlier to feel rested and recovered by the time your alarm goes off. The Sleep Health Foundation recommends 8 hours of sleep per night is crucial. This also helps prevent hours sitting watching TV and scrolling through social media. Studies have shown the blue light emitted from your phone is overstimulating, so the key is to turn off all screens as early as possible to allow your body and mind to get into sleep mode.

2. Find a workout friend 

Set up morning workout dates with a BFF to keep you accountable. A buddy can help spark exercise inspo and allow you to try new things. You can even take it in turns designing a workout. Don’t forget the added bonus of treadmill chats and post-workout brekkie catch-ups. 

3. Be prepared 

Sometimes the hardest thing can be getting inspired when you first open those peepers, so it’s a good idea to be prepared the night before. Have your workout clothes organized and your bag packed and ready at the door. Top tip, once your activewear is washed, dried and folded, leave your clothes out or pack them in your gym bag ready for the next morning. 

4. Stay hydrated

Hydration is important, so drink a large glass of water first thing after you wake up. This will help fuel your body and you’ll feel refreshed and ready for a workout. Drinking water in the morning increases the production of new blood and muscle cells it also boosts your metabolism for the day.

5. Promise to look after yourself

Why is it we always tend to cancel on our self-promises and plans over those with friends or family? Make a promise to yourself to look after your health and wellbeing and DON’T cancel your plans. We can guarantee you will feel great for sticking to a promise and even better for completing an endorphin-pumping workout.

The best feeling is knowing that when it gets to 5.00pm you don’t have to go to the gym after work. You can go straight home and relax. We challenge you to three morning workouts a week. Take note of how you feel after your workout and see if you notice the difference.