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Finding your summer motivation

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We’ve all been there. We join the gym and pep ourselves up, we have the best intentions of getting fit and into a great routine… and then Netflix releases a new binge-worthy series, making it feel like it’s impossible to peel ourselves off the sofa, or we find another excuse. 

But now that summer is here, it’s a great time to start practising some self-motivation to get back into a fun, healthy exercise routine that will get you the results you want.

Here are four tips to help get you moving:

1. Make sure you’re doing exercise you enjoy. It’s easier to be motivated when you’re about to do something you look forward to. Figure out what type of exercise lights you up the most. Is it training with a friend? Group workouts? Weights? Or maybe variety is important to you, so change things up and try a new class each week!

2. Music is one of the best motivators out there, but most of us only put headphones on at the gym. To get you pumped and in the mood before you go, play your favourite tracks while you’re at home getting ready.

3. Having a visual aid is a great way to keep your fitness goal at the front of your mind. Vision boards are a good tool, but even just one image stuck to your mirror can be effective. You could also find a great motivational quote that inspires you and pop it on your fridge or save it on your phone. Whatever aid you choose, make sure it’s something that lights the fire in your belly and gets you going.

4. As obvious as it may sound, one thing that makes motivating yourself a breeze is being consistent. Once you’ve become steady with your exercise, it becomes a habit, which then becomes your new normal. 

Words by Louise Poulson, a Certified Life Coach, author and speaker at