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Why oats need to be on your shopping list


Oats are a versatile, breakfast superfood that are easy to make, and delicious to eat. Here’s why you should add them to your weekly meal plan. 

Benefits of oats

Oats are 100 per cent wholegrain, containing more nutrients and beneficial ingredients than multigrain varieties. Oats contain vitamins, minerals and fibre, are low in sodium and are one of the richest sources of beta-glucan (a soluble fibre, that can help to lower cholesterol re-absorption). They also provide protein and carbohydrates for energy. That’s a lot of benefits for packed into a small grain!

The science of oats

Oats are made up of -

Bran (outer layer of the grain): Full of fibre, B vitamins (to help release energy from food), phytonutrients and protein (for cell growth and repair).

Endosperm (middle layer of the grain): Packed with protein and carbohydrates.

Germ (inner core of the grain): Full of B vitamins, vitamin E, phytonutrients, a small amount of polyunsaturated fat, iron, magnesium, copper and zinc.

Oats also help maintain a healthy digestive system, with dietary fibre essential for keeping our digestive system on track. It’s recommended you consume 30 grams of dietary fibre per day, so including oats in your diet can help contribute to this.

Oat recipes

Experiment with oats for yourself! Try some of these delicious oat recipes.

Apple and oat muffins

Banana and blueberry oats

Breakfast bars