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How Bronwyn's inching closer to her 12WC goals


 We’re over three-quarters of the way through the 12 Week Challenge and our challengers are inching closer and closer to those big goals they set. We checked in with Preston member Bronwyn to see her progress. 

“I’m feeling even more motivated now than at the start of the challenge. I can see the results and the weight loss and it’s making me go harder in the gym and eating the right foods so I can keep seeing the results.

The most challenging thing so far about this challenge has been believing in myself. I have had moments where I thought I couldn’t do it and it was hard on me, because the old me would’ve given in after a few weeks and gone back to my old habits.

I’ve just had to take a moment to breathe and trust the process. I’ve had to remind myself that change doesn’t happen overnight and at the end of the 12 weeks, it’ll be all worth it.

The biggest change I have seen, is I can now run! When I started, I was struggling to run 20 seconds and now I can go longer and don’t find myself gasping for air. Aside from my fitness and strength increasing, I’m noticing that I’m starting to get muscles in my arms and legs.

I’ve also found that I have more energy. I’ve actually kicked my caffeine habit and I no longer crave coffee! I used to drink at least two big coffees a day and now I drink nothing because I have so much more energy from eating right and moving my body.

I’m loving the weekly workouts and that it brings all the challengers together. We can see how far we’ve come in such a little time. I’m also loving that I have so much variety with what I eat and I’m loving that I can actually cook now!

Working towards the end of the challenge, I’m hoping to achieve my final goal, my goal weight! I said I wanted to lose 20kg and I’m on track to getting that. 

To all the other challengers, don’t give up! There are four weeks left and we’ve all come so far. We’re on the home stretch! Think about how amazing those week 12 photos are going to look compared to week 1.”