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How Matilda found her love of exercise at Fernwood

Matilda Nicol class=
Everton Park member Matilda Nicol has achieved so much since joining Fernwood - she has lost 45kgs, gained her confidence, found her love of exercise and has completely transformed her life. Read her journey below.

"Before joining Fernwood last year, I had a love-hate relationship with exercise (mostly hate). I always thought of it as a chore and not something that I wanted to do, but something I had to do. I never really found any form of exercise I enjoyed and my mindset was that I had to be skinny to be fit. 

I underwent gastric sleeve surgery in April 2018 which was the decision that led to me putting my health and mental and physical fitness first. When I had my first body scan in June, I was in the extremely obese BMI range, was pre-diabetic and had a high risk of heart disease. 

Now I am in a healthy BMI range and have drastically lowered my chances of all obesity related conditions. I’m strong, fit and health, but most of all I am completely comfortable in my own skin and feel like I'm part of a family. I have successfully lost 45kgs but gained SO much confidence in myself and my ability to be strong and fit. 

I used to struggle to get through one 30-minute small group training session (FIIT30). Now on my days off work, I love to do double classes and sometimes even chuck in a Body Pump class afterwards. Two things I will never love though are burpees and inchworms, haha.

Fernwood provides a timetable that just works for me! I’m an early bird, so love that there are plenty of morning classes and group training sessions. Small group training is my favourite thing about Fernwood as have a class of other like-minded motivated girls working out. It makes it ten times better and more fun!

I will continue to work on my health and fitness goals, with my focus now on toning. The confidence I have gained is life changing, plus the feeling of being physically fit is amazing!

My advice for anyone wanting to join Fernwood is to just go for it! You definitely won’t regret it."