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How mum Stephanie got fit for 30


Ballarat member and mum-of-two Stephanie has lost 13kgs since joining Fernwood, surpassing her goal of becoming fit at 30. Read her journey.

“Before joining Fernwood, I had just had my second baby. I always enjoyed fitness but struggled my mindset.

Since joining Fernwood, everything has changed for the better - the way I fuel my body with food, my mindset and my fitness is incredible. 

I’ve been able to achieve so much! My goal was to be fit for 30 and I smashed that out of the park. I had lost just over 11kgs the day of my 30th Birthday. After having two children, I'm at my fittest and feel amazing! I have a more positive outlook on life and now have a space I can switch off and be me for an hour.

I'm strong, positive and motivated to maintain a better lifestyle for myself. I'm happier, I'm a better mum and I’m more present with my kids. It's as if a fog has lifted and I want to better to be the best role model I can for my kids.

The key to my success has been sheer determination and drive. My goal was to get where I am today and I shifted my mindset to achieve that. The staff and members also have your back and keep you motivated.

The most challenging part as a mum has been always finding the time. But realistically I've made the time now, even attending a mum and bub class if I miss a weight training session.

I joined Fernwood because of what they had to offer. The facilities are amazing and cater for women across all walks of life. There are so many options and is has a great vibe when you walk through those doors.

If you’re thinking of joining Fernwood, give it a try! You have nothing to lose. Once you give it a go, you will see what the fuss is about.”