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Sheree proves you can lose those last 5 kilos

Sheree proves you can lose those last 5 kilos

Sheree Barratt, one of our 12 Week Challenge runners up in 2012, was struggling to lose those last 5 kilos. Over the 3 months she managed to not only meet her goal (and better it!), she lost over 7 per cent body fat and set her goals to new heights.

Q. Why did you enter the challenge?

A. “I gained 13kg when I was pregnant, and though I lost 8kg after joining Fernwood I was struggling to lose that last 5kg, and I needed something to push me.”

Q. What was your goal?

A. “To lose that last 5kg, and to get my fitness to a level where I could start training to run long distances. I’ve always seen running a marathon as the ultimate challenge, but before the challenge I could only run 1km without having to stop for a walk, and the shin splints I got were debilitating.”

Q. Key to your success?

A. “Consistency! I was at the gym six days a week, which isn’t easy when you have a baby. But I made no excuses, even if I’d had a rough night with the baby I was at BodyPump the next morning – and then we’d both have a nap in the afternoon! Luckily my son loves all the girls at the Fernwood crèche and I learnt how to make the most of my time at the gym.”

Q. Next goal?

A. “To run a half marathon. My dream is to run the New York Marathon. And to eat more whole foods. I want to be more creative in the kitchen – I’ve turned into a food hippie!”

Q. Best compliment you’ve received since completing the challenge?

A. “Amazingly, it’s ‘Wow you look amazing and you’ve had two babies!’ People seem to have this idea that once you have children you cannot have an amazing figure. With work you can be a healthy, beautiful, yummy mummy!”

Q. How did you reward yourself for your success?

A. “With my Lorna Jane shopping spree!”

Q. Favourite form of exercise?

A. “I joke that once I started RPM my butt and cellulite just fell off, but seriously, they did! I also love Pilates: I can feel my body and core get stronger each week.”

*Fernwood client testimonial was achieved as part of an overall healthy diet and exercise plan. Regular exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss. Consult your healthcare professional before beginning any diet or fitness program.