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Why our PT Tash is doing Fernwood’s 6 Week Summer Sculpt

Tash from Preston

Natasha Vasilevski is a PT at our Fernwood Preston Club. Here she writes about why she decided to join our 6 Week Summer Sculpt program this year.

Being in the fitness industry for over four and a half years now, I have always felt that building relationships with people and your brand has, and always will be, the most integral part of being a fitness professional. And although these intangible qualities have been something I fortunately possess, there's always been one component missing: the physical aspect - my weight.

Being a serial yo-yo dieter, nutrition had always been my undoing. In July of 2016 – and for the first time in 29 years – I decided that the word "diet" was no longer going to be included into my vocabulary. I was the appointed ambassador for Fernwood Preston's Military Miss program and I knew that this was my ticket to change. 11 weeks later, I shaved off 10kg, reduced my body fat percentage by 7% and I’m just getting started. Summer Sculpt here I come...

Why I’m doing Summer Sculpt

The simple answer is - these programs WORK!!! It’s the most simple, most convenient program I stand by, to date. For me, Summer Sculpt means that I can continue to learn, grow and chip away at the foundations I started building during the Military Miss program earlier in the year.

My Goals are...

Specifically with this program, I have started to use the online exercise prescription in order to prep for the Muderrella Mud Run in December this year. Completing this 9km obstacle course will be the ultimate test of my strength and endurance.

My Challenges are...

Keeping my mindset strong; I’m sure all women face this hurdle. Mindset really is the key to balance I believe, which is why ‘specific diet’ left my mind a long time ago. A very brilliant food coach told me once, "one meal at a time, one workout at a time, one day at a time". This has resonated ever since.

I want to Feel...

Nothing tastes as good as what feeling great does, and that's the truth. As well as already feeling stronger than before, I want to be the very best version of myself; today, tomorrow and forever!

Sign up to our 6 Week Summer Sculpt before October 21 to reshape your mind, body and lifestyle for summer. Find out more at